From Ear Aches to EcZema: Why Is Your Child Constantly Sick?

  • Which environmental, dietary & physiological factors keep your child stuck with constant earaches, colds or tummy aches?

  • Could hidden stressors & even daily routines be the cause for your child's increased hyperactivity, mood swings, and academic challenges?

  • Are frequently overlooked triggers like food sensitivities, excess screen time & irregular sleep patterns impacting your child's health?

Take this short quiz to find out which key culprits are to blame!


3 Intriguing Facts About Childhood Ailments

"My home is safe..."

I use products marketed for children

Surprisingly, everyday toxins, often overlooked, can have a profound impact on a child's health. Common household items & products marketed for child's, environmental pollutants, and even certain child's foods can contain harmful substances that affect a child's development, immune function, and overall well-being. Understanding and mitigating exposure to these toxins is crucial for safeguarding children's health.

"My Child Is a Picky Eater..."

Are nutrient deficiencies at play?

If your child is a picky eater, we can offer tailored strategies to gently expand their food preferences, ensuring they receive a well-rounded diet rich in essential nutrients.

Our approach focuses on introducing new foods in a non-stressful way, making mealtime enjoyable while gradually enhancing their nutritional intake for better health and immunity as well as less dinner-time drama.

Impact Of Gut Health

Gut issues & stealth infections can be a major contributor

Inflammation plays a significant role, affecting focus, mood, skin issues, and a "sensitive stomach.

This is why persistent digestive issues (like upset stomach or bloating), undetected infections, and food sensitivities can heighten multiple symptoms as imbalances in gut bacteria influence overall well-being. Addressing these foundational concerns is essential to holistically support your child's health.

Meet Dr. Dr. Ruth Rodriguez, DO

Dr. Ruth is a Board Certified Osteopathic Pediatrician, marathon runner and publisher author, who has a passion for helping families with all natural solutions for their Health or Wellness needs.

With her personal and professional experience of over 25 yrs of clinical work in both inpatient and outpatient Pediatric healthcare, she has developed a 6 to 12 week step by step program of Plant-Based, natural supplements and products advice that will safely and effectively transform your children’s and family’s life.

Dr. Ruth’s work has helped her and her family and has empowered many others to take control of their children’s and thus their family’s health with her recommendations of all plant based therapies, including transitioning from medications to all natural supplements, body, home and health care product advice, spiritual and mindfulness practices, counseling and other alternative medicine pediatric advice.

Your Child's Health + Wellness Is Our Passion

Helping more children live a more balanced & healthier life isn't just my job, it's my passion! I take my commitment to lifelong, optimal health + wellness very seriously... incorporating the natural solutions for pediatric care for the very best care possible.

I focus on giving you the care you need, not the care sanctioned by health insurance – which is why my programs include longer appointment times, more communication, and guidance on lifestyle factors that can truly make or break your child's health.

I like to think of myself as your trusted partner towards creating a healthier, more resilient life for your child – supporting you every step of the way, because I know what's possible when you have the right guide by your side!

If you haven't found the answers you've been looking for with traditional medicine and still feel unheard, you are in the right place! I'm excited to make you my next success story, so let's take the first step with the quiz :)


Ready For Amazing Results Like These?

“Dr. Ruth Rodriguez is a trusted referral for my Reflexology Practice. All youth and there parents that visit with me get one of her cards and a strong recommendation to use her expertise and decades of experience!! When my children were small we had a Pediatrician and an Acupuncturist and a membership to the Co-Op. Health Food Store. Today all I would need is Dr Rodriquez advice!! It is such a pleasure to work with an advanced Health Care Practitioner and still be heard an honored for the opinions I may have. I feel that my grandkids would be well served to have her care, compassion and intuitive skills at there parent side. I highly recommend Dr. Ruth Rodriquez DO. Thank you.”

Scott D.

Scott D.

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"Dr. Ruth continued to connect with me and my family even after she relocated, we became grateful clients of hers. This woman I believe was brought into our life by God. She has been such an asset to the healing and health of our family. I not only trust her but highly recommend and have great respect for her as a Doctor and a person."

Cherish M.

"Ruth is an incredibly dynamic coach. What I love best about her is that because of her background, her wealth of knowledge really can’t be beat. I don’t have to take the time to explain what certain ailments are, or why they’re such a big deal to my family, because she already understands. She’s intuitive, gentle, empathetic, and helps my family create real, lasting change. She’s inspired me to focus on the health of my entire family, so much so that I’ve already lose ten pounds THIS WEEK!”

Kathy H.

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